Why is your amendment important in a free society?

    Every amendment is important in a free society.  The 8th Amendment has an  importance as do the other nine.  "Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fine imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted", has reasoning for this importance.
    The importance of the 8th Amendment in a free society is that when someone is being punished for a crime they have committed,is that the punishment must be reasonable for that crime.  Meaning the simplest thing ... take into account that someone has told a lie.  The punishment for that person would be a scolding, not life in jail.
    Without this amendment, things in America would be very different in a bad way.  We America are lucky to have what we have.  And even thought some people may not agree with this, it will be there forever.

How would your life be different if this right was not guaranteed?

    Life would be so different in so many ways without the ten amendments.  Everything would be unorganized and people would be out of place committing crime after crime.  Everything would be a disaster.
    My life would be extremely differnt without the ten amendments.  Honestly, if the 8th Amendment was not guarenteed my life would be no where close to how great it is.  So many loved ones in my life wouldn't be where they are right now.  Specifically, I would be different.  I would be scared of my surroundings.  This is because if I did something wrong, then i would be punished for it in a unreasonable way possibly.  For example, if i lied i might get the death sentence for that.  It would not just effect me but the whole world.
    So this made me think a lot.  I never actually thought how my life would be without this right.  It does make a big difference to life having this rights.